I Am The Creator Archetype! Discover yours…


What is your Archetype?
  1. Jungian Archetypes

Understanding yourself is key! But first let me introduce you to Carl Jung, who became President of the International Psychoanalytical Association formed in 1910. Carl Jung looks at 12 Archetypes also known as Jungian Archetypes and asks us to explore our unconscious. Carl Jung agreed with Freud that a person’s past and childhood experiences determine future behaviour. He also believed that we are shaped by our future. In particular, by our ASPIRATIONS! That suddenly makes it a focus point not to be missed or set aside in your way to hard basket.

2. What are Archetypes?

Archetypes are images and themes which have universal meanings across cultures which may show up in dreams, literature, art or religion. (Jung 1947)

3. The 12 Archetypes:

  1. The Innocent — Here your goal is to be happy, your flaws are that you are too trusting and your skill is being open minded.
  2. The Orphan — Here your goal is to belong, your flaws are that you are cynical and you skill is that you are open and realistic.
  3. The Hero — Here your goal is to belong, your flaws are that you need to fight and your skill is that you have courage.
  4. The Caregiver — Here your goal is to help others, your flaws are martyrdom and you skill is compassion.
  5. The Explorer — Here your goal is to live a full live, your flaws are wandering and your skill is autonomy.
  6. The Rebel — Here your goal is to change norms, your flaws are crime and you skill is wild freedom.
  7. The Lover — Here your goal is relationship, your flaws are pleasing everyone and you skill is friendship.
  8. The Creator — Here your goal is to realise a vision, you flaws is that you are a perfectionist and you skill is imagination.
  9. The Jester — Here your goal is to lighten up, you flaws are wasting time and you skill is humour.
  10. The Sage — Here your goal is wisdom, your flaws are taking no action and your skill is intelligence.
  11. The Magician — Here your goal is transforming, goals are egotistical and skills are win/win.
  12. The Ruler — Here you goal is prosperity, your flaws are authoritarian and you skill is leadership.

At a glance, I thought it would be difficult to narrow it down and then I realised that I am many things and so are you. We are all on a journey of self discovery and with that comes self development opportunities. By identifying yourself with an Archetype will give you a clear picture of who you were, who you are becoming and who you will become.

At first, its easy to try and find one Archetype but for me it was like squeezing myself into a pigeon hole. We are evolving everyday of our live and although we may be moving fast to our destination on the path we desire, we are a W.I.P and constantly changing. This brings me to the realisation of that I am more, rather than less and so I will need a selection of Archetypes to represent my greatest aspirations within my life journey.

4. Here’s What I Discovered About Myself…

I began my journey as THE INNOCENT where I wanted to be happy doing what I loved most and that was singing, drawing and fashion Design. I was too trusting with the opinions of the people I loved and trusted most which led me to follow their direction and sacrifice my true calling. You all know that Accounting wasn’t my thing! Fashion Design was what I sacrificed and that Singing was the one fought hard for. I was open minded but forced to do the right thing. I’m not sure who it was right for by it sure was right for me! Then I paid the price of having to backtrack and reset myself to get back on track, the hard way with my focus solely on how I spent my money, time and energy towards my desired career pathway and I did whatever it took to get there.

Then I became THE REBEL in the early years of my teaching career starting out as a Contemporary Singing Teacher. I had over 10 years of training in Singing by then and had covered so many Singing Techniques and Methods during that time. However, it wasn’t long before I realised that the techniques I was taught, were not full proof. I realised that having a good voice to begin with made a huge difference to the end result I achieved with the student. But who am I to crush the dreams of students who want to sing and need a lot more help technically and practically. Why shouldn’t singing be available to everyone seeing its jam packed with a tonne of health benefits for wellbeing?

So I did what most teachers wouldn’t do. I became accountable for the success of every single student that walked through my doors. I tried and tested all the techniques that I had been taught with students and began improving them, filling in the gams and eventually developing my own methods that would give students the reliable results they needed.

I broke the rules and went against the norm to create Vocal Foundation Technique! I broke it down and built it back to create Practical Singing Theory that could be implemented easily with clarity and transparency.

Then I took it to a whole new level pioneering an innovative approach to training your voice called Vocalology TM. Methodology, to allow students to master their voice through song. This includes a full notation system for all the areas of Vocal Foundation Technique and students guided through Song Dissection and implementation. The benefits are endless and songs are tailored to the students needs specifically allowing them to improve and accelerated their training.

Thousands of students have learnt to sing beyond their wildest dreams and gone on to incredible things in the Music and Performing Arts Industry. Sometimes you have to find your purpose and where you are needed most and solve the problems that present themselves to help move others forward. I became the Expert Vocalologist guiding beginners through their vocal journey both in the lessons and using the Song Dissection to guide them when they are practicing at home. I was able to use top and tail performers and more advanced Singers to refine their artistry with Vocalology TM by streamlining the Song Dissection and also retrain singers with poor singing technique to allow them to reach their full potential .

Right now and always, I am THE CREATOR! I am a born a creator having the ability to realise a vision and bring it to life. I’ve done this with my Singing with Vocalology TM and Vocal Foundation Technique and I’ve done it when I dabbled in my Headband Fascinator Collection a few years back. I also envisioned my children’s books and Singing Training Manuals and brought them to life with a lot of hard work, perseverance and dedication. And I know I’m in that 1% Crazy who is out to do the Impossible because I know Im — Possible!

I’ve loved the power of being THE MAGICIAN, firstly through out the past 3 decades as a Singing Teacher and Vocal Coach, transforming students into trained singers, performers, songwriters, recording artists and emerging artists on the world stage. It’s been an exciting and rewarding journey for us all where their progress has been my reward for all the years of mentoring them to greatness. I often refer to myself as a Transformational Vocal and Artist Coach keeping my focus on the end result as the icing on the cake!

I think if you do what you are good at, what you love or qualified to do, then it’s only a matter of time that you excel and become THE RULER. Taking a small step every day has always been key for me and staying on track and building something great has always been paramount. That is building — yourself, your personal brand, your business, your assets and your everything.

With that comes prosperity and the ability to lead others with your leadership skills and unique qualities. I think from a leadership perspective, I’m grateful for all the opportunities I’ve had and on and off the stage as well as through my publishing endeavour’s that are currently in progress. And I also understand that sometimes we can overstep the mark with the authoritarian thing, but understand that we mean well. We just want to share what we have learnt, discovered, experienced, created and mastered with you and the world to make some small difference!

Finally, I know that life isn’t always sunshine and lollipops and that your 5 second of summer can turn into a long cold winter that is endless and torturous. My life was pretty perfect until my grandparents one by one began their later years with Alzheimers that added pressure and strain to family life and the sad realisation that the sand in the hourglass was running out.

But nothing tested us more than having my Dad’s Leukaemia diagnosis hit home. It was the 7 year battle you know you can’t lose. You hang onto that ray of hope, that flicker of light and begin the climb to the top of Mount Everest barefoot and blinded by the light. Life does test us and makes us resilient. It turns us into survivors, carers, and better humans. It makes us more understanding and relevant and we can do more to help others from what life teaches us along the way through the grieving and healing process.

For me, I questioned a lot of things like mortality and legacy. I suddenly wanted to live on forever. I didn’t want to be defined by my dads illness but rather his graceful exit. I wrote my first children’s book series and many other books after that, that are WIP. I found my inner peace and another life calling.

I healed myself though the characters of my book and through the storytelling where I could drive the story and gain control once again towards my happy ending. And I know that a young monkey by the name of Hullabaloo saved me when I needed saving most! Best of all, I am building a generational book legacy that I can be proud of and that will live on forever between the covers of the books I write. I wish it would not have taken all that pain, suffering and loss but without it, I wouldn’t have the understanding and compassion I have today. I wouldn’t be as knowledgable or committed to seeing things through with full force and I would be a lesser version of who I am today and am going to become tomorrow.

5. Your Self Discovery Begins Here…

Now its your turn! Start by answering the following questions with your chosen Archetype and then elaborate…

  • Do you see yourself in any of the Archetypes?
  • Who were you when you started your journey at the very beginning?
  • Who have you been along the way?
  • Who are you right now?
  • Who are you working towards becoming in the future?
  • Who will you have become when you are sitting on a rocking chair looking back on your life at 90 years of age?


As you make your way through each of the Archetypes and connect the pieces of your puzzle to better understand yourself, you’ll uncover another layer of yourself. Have courage to share your results with us all and wear your Archetypes with pride! When you’re done, you’ll know how far you have come and you will agree that theres is a lot of work to be done if you’re gonna tick all your boxes. The 12 Archetypes are also useful for character development during the book writing process and more…

Everyday, we are all moving through life at a different pace with a different set of rules, circumstances and expectations. We may find ourselves in a rut , overwhelmed and not able to move forward. Even so, the world keeps turning and so will you. The difference is choosing to make a difference and really doing something small or something spectacular. Whatever you choose, make sure you choose something! Nothing is not the option when you know the word IMPOSSIBLE can be reimagined to THE IM-POSSIBLE MINDSET. And with that in mind, you’ll experience endless possibilities and know that the world is waiting for you!

Nancy D’Agostino

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